Pegs For Our Pegs & Jokers Games

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This is a set of pegs for our Pegs and Jokers Board Game. Includes 48 pegs of eight different colors in a velvet sack, enough pegs for 8 players.

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The 48 wooden pegs are 1" long. Eight different colors (6 of each): black, white, red, pink, yellow, green, blue, and cool gray.

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♦ 48 wooden pegs of eight different colors. 40 pegs are needed for an 8-player game.
♦ One velvet drawstring bag to store the pegs.
♦ They fit any of our 12" Pegs and Jokers games and our Fast Track games

The pegs work great! We love them. We recommended them to some friends that also play Pegs and Jokers and they ordered some as well.
I've used golf tees for pegs and jokers for years, too long and hard to get enough of 8 different colors to make up a complete set. These are easy to grasp and come as a complete set at a reasonable price. The storage bag is nice too.
Thank you very much for the order of pegs for my Pegs & Jokes Game which was received today, and are of top quality. I will definitely recommend ordering from you.
Recently, I ordered from your company for the first time. When I enquired about a misunderstanding with respect to shipping you generously corrected the problem. In so far as the pegs and cards are concerned I am extremely happy with the product and upon showing others I know you can expect further orders from me as well as other people I have spoken too.
I ordered these because the golf tees my brother-in-law was using were getting pretty shabby. These work great, are much less prone to breaking off and are much easier to grip.
The Pegs we got either have to much paint or something cause they don't go into the board very well , some go all the way in and others just go in far enough so they don't fall out .\, but a person has to make sure they are secure before you let go of them , or they do tip over, which is a disappointment.

REPLY FROM DON: I try each peg to make sure they fit before putting them in the pouch. The two peg holes at the mortise joints are not as deep as the others because there isn't enough depth. At any rate, you can return the pegs if you want.
Nice variety, I could not make my own, and use the color combo for $10.00
I needed pegs for a fast trak game broad I was making. Searched high and low, then found Don's site and ordered his pegs. Order came almost immediately and the pegs were just what I wanted.
Good for those of us with big and arthritic hands.
My crafty husband decided to make his own pegs and joker board game, but I couldn't find anything locally to work for pegs. When I found this deal for pegs online, I order immediately. Great service. The pegs arrived in only a few days. The convenience of the carrying case is an added plus.
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