Frequently Asked Questions

Why do your Pegs and Jokers and Marbles and Jokers games have an extra hole?

Our Pegs & Jokers and Marbles & Jokers games allows for a stationary peg at the top of each paddle. This allows each player or team to choose both a hardwood paddle and a peg color. This way, players can easily see each color's home position even if all of a player's pegs are in play.

Do you do custom work?

When things are not terribly busy, I can. Use the contact form to write down what you want and I'll let you know if I can make it for you.


Both my friend and I have purchased your pegs and jokes
Boards. But we have different takes on the rules.
“You must always use the full value of the card played......
If you play a 6 when you have a peg on your in-spot and your other pegs in the start area, you must move your peg on along the main track,since there is not room in the home track for a move of 6.” Is that also the rule when all other pegs are in
the home spots?

With the 2 sets of 6 boards, we are looking forward to starting
a weekly pegs and jokes group.
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