Marbles For Our Marbles & Jokers Games

out of stock, Temporarily Unavailable
Out of stock

My Marbles for our Marbles and Jokers games are temporarily out of stock because I am out of marbles and my supplier is on mandatory shutdown because of the Coronavirus.

An extra set of marbles for our Marbles and Jokers Board Game. Includes 48 marbles of eight different colors in a velvet sack, enough marbles for 8 players.

Eight different colors: black, white, red, pink, yellow, dark blue, light blue, and green. Marbles are 9/16" in diameter.

NOTE: Colors are subject to change, depending on what is available from our suppliers.


♦ 48 marbles of eight different colors. 48 marbles are needed for our 8-player Marbles and Jokers game.
♦ One velvet drawstring bag to store the marbles.
♦ They fit any of our Marbles and Jokers games

It all started when I ordered the marbles to go with a homemade square game for 4 players given to me by a friend. I then decided to order the game for 8 players for our family game nights. More marbles came with this game, six of each color. I contacted Don because when the blue marbles arrived they were two different colors. When I contacted him he got right back tome and requested I send a picture. He then gladly sent 6 matching blue marbles to replace the mismatched set. I appreciate his great customer service!

Love the game and highly recommend the products made by Don Strenz Woodworking!
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