Replacement Pegs For Our Fast Track Games

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An extra set of pegs for our Fast Track games. Includes 24 pegs of 6 different colors in a velvet pouch, enough pegs for 6 players, and two dice.

Six different colors: black, white, red, green, yellow, and blue.


♦ 24 pegs of eight different colors.
♦ 2 dice.
♦ A velvet drawstring pouch to store the pegs.

My order was shipped and received right away. All questions were responded to promptly. I turned my wood rounds into a fast track board and the pegs work perfectly. I have a 4 person game board on1 side and 6 person on otherside.
Perfect replacement
The set of replacement pegs I purchased included dark blue pegs. The blue pegs in the current replacement pegs set is light blue. I was having difficulty distinguishing between the black pegs and the dark blue pegs. To help with this problem, I applied some light blue paint on the top of the dark blue pegs. Problem solved. I did the same thing to the dark blue pegs which came with the Fast Track board I purchased. I see, Don, that you resolved this problem by replacing the dark blue pegs with light blue pegs.
Great quality, fast and friendly. You can't go wrong.
Have ordered many of them . They are always great quality.
We used on a home made board. Worked great. Could have used color options.
Great pegs- wish I could have picked the color.
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