6 Player Hardwood Marbles and Jokers Game

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In Marbles and Jokers, players race their marbles around the track by drawing cards. The first player to get their five marbles home wins the game. You can also play with teams. Marbles and Jokers is particularly popular with RVers. It is portable and stores neatly in its box.

The game is also known as Pegs And Jokers, Jokers and Pegs, the Social Security Game, and Jokers and Marbles. The game is similar to Parcheesi and Sorry, which were derived from the ancient Indian game of Pachisi.

Our Pegs and Jokers and Marbles and Jokers games are played the same. The difference is that Marbles and Jokers paddles are 2 inches longer to accomodate the marbles. And, obviously, our Pegs and Jokers are played with pegs rather than marbles.

For ages 7 and up. 2 to 8 players.

Card Movement
Ace Either bring one peg out of start to come-out or move one peg forward 1 hole
2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Move one peg forward 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 holes
7 Either move one peg forward 7 holes, or split 7 between two pegs
8 Move one peg backward 8 holes
9 Either move one peg forward 9 holes or split 9 moves between two pegs - one moving forward and the other backward
10 Move one peg forward 10 holes
Jack Queen King Either bring one peg out of start or move one peg forward 10 holes
Joker Bring one peg out of start and place it in any hole on the track

Full instructions are included in the box.

Our hardwood game paddles are 14" long, 3 inches high, and 3/4" thick, are made from three pairs of different hardwoods and are sealed and finished with polyurethane to last for generations!

The game includes everything needed to play!

Included With Your Marbles and Jokers Game

♦ 36 marbles of six vivid colors. The marbles are 9/16" diameter.
♦ 3 decks of playing cards.
♦ Printed playing instructions.
♦ A velvet draw string bag to store the marbles.
♦ Six 14" solid hardwood Marbles & Jokers game paddles made of 3 different hardwoods.
♦ Your game arrives in a reusable white cardboard box that you can use to store the game.

Hardwood Game Paddles

Each hardwood game paddle is 14 inches long and is finished with a durable urethane finish. Most woods are harvested here in Upstate New York from replenished forests.

Your 6 game paddles are made from three different hardwoods. 2 Cherry paddles, 2 Sapele (Mahogany) paddles, and 2 Oak paddles. Or, check the Dark Wood option to get all dark Sapele (mahogany) paddles.

The paddles interlock with loose round mortise and tenon joints (see the photos).


You get 6 marbles for each game paddle: A total of 36 marbles of 6 different colors. Although only 30 marbles are needed to play a 6-player game (5 marbles per player), our unique design adds one stationary marble to the top of each paddle to indicate each player's color. This unique design allows each player or team to choose both a hardwood paddle and a marble color. Players can easily see each color's home position even if all of a player's marbles are in play.

Player color indicator


Each paddle is 14 inches long and about 3" high. They are 3/4" thick solid hardwood.
* A 4 player game consumes 14 inches square.
* A 6 player game consumes 26 inches square.

One board dimension

Marbles and Jokers Dimensions

Note that the photos shown are of one of our Marbles and Jokers games and are not necessarily photos of the exact item you will receive.

This is a great game for all ages involving individual and team strategy. It seems very simple but the teamwork aspect changes it up. We enjoy playing it with 4 or 6 players – the game is so easy to set up for either number of players, which is another great feature. The pieces are beautiful and well made. We love our set and highly recommend it.
This is the third game we have gotten. Some were purchased by those we lead your direction. The workmanship is superb!
Quality item with excellent workmanship. Well worth the cost. Combined with fast shipping, a great purchase.
Friends introduced us to Marbles & Jokers a few months ago and we enjoyed it so much I went on-line looking for a board similar to what they use, which was a square wooden board with appropriate marble indentations.

I was unable to find anything like that and so went to Amazon to see what they had. Amazon offered only one board that was in segments similar to the design Don Strenz uses. However, that was the only similarity save the price, which was approximately the same.

The difference in the paddles was dramatic: The one Amazon offered was made of particle board with some kind of surface. The reviews for that game set were horrendous with many saying that the construction was cheap and no where close to being worth the price for such a shoddy product.

I searched a little more and found Don's Marbles & Jokers game set. It sounded like a much better product and I ordered it.

I was delighted when it arrived. It is made of beautiful hardwood and is crafted exquisitely. It's a perfect size and is compact for easy travel. The Marbles & Jokers game is infectious; we have introduced it to several other couples and everyone raves about it. And all have commented on how beautiful the board is--a piece of wood art. This set is well worth the price.
Quality of work as promised--exhibits attention to detail and pride of craft. Not inexpensive but you get what you pay for. Will last for generations. Delivery on time. Very happy with product (Marbles and Jokers) and would order again.
The 3 different wood colors reminds players who is where. Great attention to detail.

We are a family of game players found this nice addition to our stash.
We ordered this Travel Game to take on our vacation. It's all that we expected. It looks nice and it fits together great! If you like playing Joker and want to take it on a trip, it perfect!
We took it to our weekly card gathering and everyone was just amazed with the beautiful workmanship! Especially with the different color/types of wood used! This is a fine beautifully made product; well worth the price!
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