Contacting Me By Phone vs Email

by Don Strenczewilk

I strongly prefer if you would use the contact form to contact me rather than a phone call. I do 99% of the work to run the business and spend most of my time making things.

When I get a phone call while working at the shop, I have to stop working, shut down machines so that I can hear, remove my dust mask and hearing protection to talk to the caller.

Also, I don't have internet access at the shop except on my cell phone and can't take an order or check the status of your order because I'm using the phone to talk to the caller.

And,, it's hard to remember everything the caller asked. When there are multiple callers, remembering who wants what is practically impossible. With email, I can always find the details of a conversation.

So please use the contact form on the site if you have questions. I check it often and reply by the next morning at the latest.


I have a jokers & pegs game,which is oak & I am sure it was made by you. We have had it for about 6 years.The pegs are smaller,we need new pegs & instructions for playing the game. We are in our ninetys and lost the instructions and some of our pegs. Our pegs are thiner and look different to the ones you have now. Will your pegs fit our game boards. We have 6 game boards so 6 people can play. Awaiting your reply. M. Cooper
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