Status: I am still making games

by Don Strenczewilk

I hope you are doing well, all things considered. COVID-19 is affecting everyone in one way or another.

Here is a Don Strenz Woodworking status update.
I am still making games. Because I work alone 99% of the time, I've been able to minimize the chance of getting ill. If anything were to happen to me that prevents me from fulfilling orders, I would cancel/refund all open orders and notify all customers about the problem, and I will close the online store.
If you decide to order something, note that right under the product title the line that shows the estimated shipping date. It will say something like "Should ship within 5 business days." That accounts for the time it will take me to make the game and ship it. After it ships, it is in the hands of the carrier (usually USPS) and I have no control over when it will arrive.

Best wishes to all of you!


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