Pegs and Jokers 2 Paddle Expansion

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This set of 2 Pegs and Jokers curly maple paddles expands your 6 player set to 8 players.


♦ 2 Maple Pegs and Jokers Paddles (12")
♦ 1 full set of pegs

NOTE: If you don't already own our 6 player game, just buy the 8 player game. That will be less expensive!

Great product, Great game with lots of strategizing …
and with the extensions, we can now play with 2, 4, 5, 6,
8, or 10 players !
The two holes in the lap joint were so shallow that the pegs would not stand straight. The problem was solved by drilling the holes through. All the holes in one paddle of a previously purchased 6-set were too shallow, but they were easily deepened to match the other five paddles. That done, the pieces are a pleasure to use.
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