Oak Fast Track - Aggravation Game With Pegs

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Solid oak Fast Track / Aggravation / Wahoo Game. Double sided board for 6 or 4 player game. Includes board, pegs, and 2 dice. Player position points are painted on both sides. For 2 to 6 players.

The double sided game board includes 6 player Fast Track on one side and 4 player on the other. 2 to 6 player games may be played on this board.

The board is made from solid oak hardwood. This is a very heavy duty board that will last for generations. The board is sealed with 2 coats of sealer, painted, then finished with 3 coats of urethane.

Note that Aggravation, Wahoo, and Fast Track boards have identical layouts, so either game can be played on either side of this board.

What Is Included With Your Game

♦ The double sided game board. 6 player Fast Track on one side, 4 player Aggravation on the other. The board measures 18" x 21" x 3/4". It weighs about 7 pounds. The 6 player side has painted player positions.
♦ 2 dice
♦ 24 pegs of 6 colors
♦ A velvet draw-string bag to store the dice and marbles
♦ 6 stick-on rubber bumpers that you can stick on the board if you want to protect the table and game

What You Will Need

1 For Fast Track, you will need one deck of playing cards for each player (up to 6 players/decks). We don't include the cards because their weight increases shipping charges for the game and you can probably buy playing cards locally. However, we do sell decks of playing cards separately for your convenience.

2 If you don't know how to play either game, you will need to download and print the instructions:
♦ ♦ The rules for Fast Track can be found here: Pagat - Fast Track Rules or Fast Track Rules
♦ ♦ The rules for Aggravation can be found here: Aggravation Rules

Aggravation Game Board Dimensions

Fun game and quality set!
What a great board! We started playing Aggravation several months ago and finally took the plunge to buy our own board. The quality and workman ship is excellent and the best part, everyone loves the board. The pre-painted board with Pegs is the only way to go, for it really makes the game easy to follow and highlights how close your opponent is to their home base.

The additional cost of this board is well worth it, especially if you are playing weekly like we are now.
This is the second time I've purchased a board from you, and appreciate all the work that goes into it!
I will probably buy more as time goes on, and I turn more people on to this game, this one was for my nephews 9th Bday and he loves it!
We play with cards instead of dice.
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