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Fast Track Games

Fast Track is a board game played with pegs or marbles, a fast track board, and cards. The game board closely resembles the Aggravation game and Wahoo board game. In fact, any of these games can also be played on these boards. It is also similar to Pegs & Jokers with a revised board design and many enhanced rules (such as the "fast track" feature that provides a shorter track around the board).

Our Fast Track board games are made from solid hardwood. We've used maple, cherry, sepele (mahogany), and oak to make the game boards.

The finishing process is worth noting. The boards are sealed with 2 coats of shellac and then the player positions are are hand painted. After painting, the boards are finish coated with 2 coats of urethane. This is a very durable, long lasting finish. Any fine furniture polish can be used on them to restore their sheen.

Each game comes with pegs and dice. Game rules can be found here Pagat - Fast Track Rules or Fast Track Rules.