Cherry Fast Track / Aggravation Game Board With Pegs

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Solid Cherry hardwood, 18 X 21 inch, double sided Fast Track / Aggravation / Wahoo game board.

The double sided game board includes 6 player positionson one side and 4 player on the other. 2 to 6 player games may be played on this board.

The board is made from solid cherry hardwood. This is a heavy duty board. The board is sealed with 2 coats of sealer, painted, then finished with 3 coats of urethane.

Note that Aggravation, Wahoo, and Fast Track boards have identical layouts, so either game can be played on either side of this board.

What Is Included With Your Game

♦ The double sided game board. 6 player Fast Track on one side, 4 player Aggravation on the other. The board measures 18" x 21" x 3/4". It weighs about 4 pounds. Both sides have painted player positions.
♦ 2 dice
♦ 24 pegs of 6 colors
♦ A velvet draw-string bag to store the dice and marbles
♦ 6 stick-on rubber bumpers that you can stick on the board if you want to protect the table and game

What You Will Need

1 To play Fast Track, you will need one deck of playing cards for each player (up to 6 players/decks). We don't include the cards because their weight increases shipping charges for the game and you can probably buy playing cards locally. But we do sell decks of playing cards separately for your convenience.

2 If you don't know how to play either game, you will need to download and print the instructions:
♦ ♦ The rules for Fast Track can be found here: Pagat - Fast Track Rules or Fast Track Rules
♦ ♦ The rules for Aggravation can be found here: Aggravation Rules

Aggravation Game Board Dimensions

well crafted, everyone that plays with it loves it, sized just right. very satisfied with board.
Mr. Strenz went out of his way to make sure I received our Fast-Track board before we left for FL. We really enjoy the game and these are top quality in every way!!

Thanks again!!
Love this game and the board is beautiful. A splurge purchase for sure, but worth every penny! Love that it is handcrafted. Several of our friends have purchased this same board for themselves!
Disappointed in the paint job. Missing oIn some sections and extra in some spots
Great workmanship. Fast delivery. Above satisfied with the service and product. Think it's priced too high.
Beautiful game board. Quality craftsmanship. Fast delivery. My family will enjoy this game board for years to come!
We love our fast track game and we are addicted to playing it! Everything looks and works great and we are teaching a lot of friends this fun game. Thanks!
Great quality products and excellent customer service. Fast shipping and my Fast Track game boards arrived in perfect condition. Would buy from again.
Great game, Great board ! However, I have difficulty with the yellow color on the board. It is too light. I recommend the paint colors be opaque rather than translucent.

The set of pegs included dark blue and black pegs. I was having difficulty distinguishing between the black pegs and the dark blue pegs. To help with this problem, I applied some light blue paint on the top of the dark blue pegs. Problem solved.

Other than that, My family and I are very pleased with your product.
fast track should be a different color from other spots on the board. Can get confusing. Beautiful workmanship.
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