Cherry Aggravation Board Game (with Marbles)

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This is a double sided Aggravation board game with 6 player positions on one side and 4 on the other. For 2-6 players. Includes the solid cherry board, marbles, dice, and a velvet pouch to store the marbles and dice. Player positions are hand painted on both sides with colors to match the marbles.

The board is made of solid cherry wood harvested in Upstate New York. This is a heavy duty board with a durable urethane finish. The wood is sealed with two coats of sealer, the marble divots are then hand painted, and then finished with three coats of clear urethane, sanding between each coat.

Note that Aggravation and Fast Track boards have identical layouts, so either game can be played on either side of this board.


♦ For 2 to 6 players
♦ Double sided - 6 player positions on one side, 4 on the other
♦ Made of solid Cherry hardwood.
♦ Super durable urethane finish. Will last a lifetime.
♦ Player positions are painted on both sides. The paint matches the colored marbles.


♦ Double sided solid cherry board
♦ 24 marbles of 6 different colors included
♦ 2 dice
♦ Aggravation playing Instructions
♦ Velvet pouch to store the marbles and dice
♦ 6 stick-on rubber bumpers that you can stick on the board if you want to protect the table and game

Aggravation game board dimensions

Beautiful board! I wish the white was more vibrant like the photo, but it's an immaculate board! Highly recommend.
Very happy with our order
This is a beautiful game board. You can tell Don puts a lot of pride in his work! We love this game & play quite often. My old cardboard game from the 70's had seen better days ... now we should be good for life! I am sure it will be passed down to future generations in our family. I will definitely recommend you! Thank you
Our family is enjoying the board and we appreciate the high-quality of the workmanship – thanks. One suggestion that I would make is that you produce and make available on-line a wall holding rack that would have a place for the marbles and a slot for the instructions. This would not only be useful but also serve as a psychological reminder to play the game more often and a beautiful way to display the good workmanship. Also, you might want to burn on the edge your business name – kind of like a signed work of art. Finally, I am going to enlist the services of a wood engraver to artfully etch into the center board surface the curved words (date below the letters): :Gregor Cabin 1969” - to make it the official “cabin” game and commemorate the year in which my family acquired the cabin property on Lake Vermilion in Northern Minnesota. Just some thoughts.
We love this board!! We fell in love with the game when we went to visit our aunt and uncle in Arizona and decided to get our own for Wisconsin. We have spent some real quality time playing with our grown grandson. Great workmanship and we know it will last a lifetime. Thank you!
I have purchased 3 boards over the last couple years because I am so pleased with the product. They make wonderful gifts. The workmanship is beautiful. The artist even called to make sure he had the order correct. I have played this game for years and was so happy to find such good workmanship!
I want to say the game board is both lovely and functional. We have used it much more than I thought we would, and my family and friends love both the game and the board.
I just received my order today and I want to let you know you do beautiful woodwork! The game board exceeds my expectations. I can’t wait to break it in! Thank you for your craftsmanship!
The product is high quality. The paint and finish are well done. I like how it came with plastic bumpers to raise it from the table. My wife played this as a kid and was thrilled to get it as a birthday present. Our kids love the game. The rules they send don't really make sense, but you can easily look them up on the web. I think it was a little too expensive, but I bought it anyway.
This is by far one of the best aggravation boards I have personally used. I have ordered one on a different web site a few years back. It was expensive and the quality was very poor. This one was a much better bang for my buck!
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