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Aggravation Games

Aggravation is a board game derived from the ancient Indian game, Pachisi. It is also known as Wahoo. Playing Aggravation is a fun way to socialize with family and friends.

We have a variety of wood Aggravation game boards. Our wood Aggravation games are made of solid hardwoods. Our games are double sided with a 6 player track on one side and a 4 player track on the other. Dice and marbles (or pegs) are included with our games as are instructions.

Aggravation can be played by up to 6 players. Our Aggravation/Wahoo board games are double sided. One side has 4 player positions and the other side has 6 player positions. You might wonder which side to use if you're playing with only 2 to 4 players. You can play on either side but the 6 player side would be a longer game because there are more holes to move through.

Aggravation is known as a "cross and circle game" and is one of many variations of the Indian game of Pachisi, which originated in India in the 6th centrury. It later became known in North America as Parcheesi. It was first produced in the U.S.A. in 1962 by CO-5. Aggravation is also very similar to the game "Wahoo." Aggravation also differs from Pachisi in that up to 6 players can play, whereas Pachisi only accommodates up to 4 players. Our games are double sided with 4 players on one side and 6 players on the other. The name "Aggravation" is because of the aggravation you get when a player lands on your marble and sends it back to start. To play, you roll a dice and move your marbles clockwise around the board. The object of the game is to get all four of your marbles home. There are two shortcuts to get your marbles around the board and they are described in the included instructions. Other variations of the game are Ludo, Sorry!, Trouble, and Fast Track. Some variations use cards instead of dice to determine how many spaces to move around the board.

, Wahoo, and Fast Track board layouts are the same and any game can be played on either board so you may also want to browse our Fast Track category if you prefer pegs. The differences are that our Fast Track games use pegs whereas the Aggravation games use marbles, and Fast Track is played with cards rather than marbles. Also, more decorative designs are painted on the Fast Track boards.

We make our solid wood Aggravation games with utmost care. We are especially proud of our finishing process which gives our boards their long-lasting durability. All finishing materials used are non-toxic and no stain or dyes are used. First, we seal our game boards with 2 coats of sealer, sanding between each coat. Then the player positions are hand painted. Finally they are finished with 3 top coats of durable semi-gloss urethane, with very fine sanding between each coat.