Acoustic Guitar Cutting Board 20170201

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Be sharp with this cutting board. It really cuts through the mix! It is both art and a functional cutting board and both sides are usable. The body and headstock shapes are modeled after an acoustic guitar.

About 18"L x 11"W x 3/4"H.


♦ Use as a cheese board, cutting board, TV tray, or air guitar
Solid hardwood - made of cherry, sapele (mahogany) and maple.
♦ Both sides can be used
♦ Hole in the headstock/handle lets it hang on the wall or a pot rack
♦ Glued with food safe glue
♦ Non-toxic mineral oil finish
♦ Wash with warm soapy water. Do not submerge in water or dishwasher.
♦ Refresh occasionally with mineral oil to restore its original sheen.