8 Player Hardwood Pegs and Jokers Game

Available in about 7 business days, available for order
Only dark Sapele (mahogany) paddles
Fully sanded and ready to finish
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In Pegs and Jokers, players race their pegs around the track by drawing cards. The first player to get their five pegs home wins the game. You can also play with teams.

The game is also known as Jokers and Pegs and the Social Security Game. The game is similar to Parcheesi and Sorry, which were derived from the ancient Indian game of Pachisi.

Pegs and Jokers is particularly popular with RVers. It is portable and stores neatly in its box.

For ages 7 and up. 4 to 8 players.

Card Movement
Ace Either bring one peg out of start to come-out or move one peg forward 1 hole
2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Move one peg forward 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 holes
7 Either move one peg forward 7 holes, or split 7 between two pegs
8 Move one peg backward 8 holes
9 Either move one peg forward 9 holes or split 9 moves between two pegs - one moving forward and the other backward
10 Move one peg forward 10 holes
Jack Queen King Either bring one peg out of start or move one peg forward 10 holes
Joker Bring one peg out of start and place it in any hole on the track

Full instructions are included in the box.

Included With Your Pegs and Jokers Game

Includes everything you need to play the game.

♦ 48 wooden pegs of eight vivid colors.
♦ 4 decks of cards.
♦ Printed playing instructions.
♦ A velvet draw string bag to store the pegs.
♦ Eight 12" long solid hardwood Pegs & Jokers game paddles made of 4 different hardwoods.
♦ Your game is shipped in a reusable white cardboard box that can be used to store the game.

Hardwood Game Paddles

Each hardwood game paddle is 12" long and 3/4" thick. They are finished with a durable urethane finish. Most of the woods are harvested here in Upstate New York from replenished forests.

You get 8 game paddles made from four different hardwoods. 2 Maple paddles, 2 Cherry paddles, 2 Sapele (mahogany) paddles, and 2 Oak paddles. Or, check the Dark Wood option if you want to get Sapele (mahogany) paddles only.

The paddles interlock with round mortise and tenon joints (see the photos).


You get 6 pegs for each game paddle: A total of 48 painted wooden pegs of six different colors. Colors are Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, White, Cool Gray, Pink and Red.

Although 40 pegs are needed to play an 8-player game (5 pegs per player), our unique design adds a stationary peg to the top of each paddle. This design allows each player or team to choose both a hardwood paddle and a peg color. Players can easily see each color's home position even if all of a player's pegs are in play.


Each paddle is 12 inches long and about 3" high. They are 3/4" thick solid hardwood. The game paddles can be connected to allow you to arrange them in a hexagon or rectangle to fit most any table.
* A 4 player game consumes 12 inches square.
* A 6 player game consumes 20 inches square.
* An 8 player game consumes 27 inches square.

12 inch Pegs and Jokers Game Paddle Size

4, 6, and 8 player Pegs and Jokers Game sizes

Note that the photos shown are of one of our Pegs and Jokers games and are not necessarily photos of the exact item you will receive.

I really like the versatility and ability to make the shape fit the table. Only drawback is that it would be nice if the home and castle areas were colored as it's a bit difficult to see from across the table.
I play Jokers with several groups and have bought sets for gifts. My last set was damaged by a water leak. This is by far the best looking set I have seen. It's easy to put together and nice to look at.
The Pegs and Jokers game is beautiful and very well-made. We played with 2 teams of 3. The Pegs slide into the holes easily. There was some confusion about the 6th hole and we decided not to use the 6th peg to mark the home color. I think one taller peg or a short flag of peg colors might work, or just doing away with that extra hole. All in all, a nicely made game board. The box it comes in is also big enough to accommodate 4 decks of playing cards. I might "pretty up" the box with some self-stick shelf paper!
Also should note that the game arrived only 5 days after I ordered. Very fast delivery.
Wait until my friends, who lug around their HUGE Jokers & Marbles board, see this one that I just got in the mail from Don Strenz! Beautifully made. Can't wait to play.
I have researched a lot of "pegs and jokers" games. These are the best I have found! The wood work is beautiful!
Just got the game in the mail today! Only thing better would to be able to purchase a lovely storage/ carry case for game and cards!
The quality of the workmanship of the paddles is excellent. The various paddle colors is great. I do have some recommendations / questions however. Where two paddle pieces connect it would be helpful to have the holes deeper so the pegs fit in more securely. Additionally, it appears there is an extra pilot hole between home and start. What might the purpose be?

REPLY FROM DON: I'm glad you like the game, Noree! The extra hole is for a stationary peg. Place your color peg in the extra hole so everyone can easily see where each color peg is headed when all of the other pegs are out of your base and in play. That's also the reason I supply one extra peg. The holes where the paddles connect cannot be deeper because they would protrude into the mortise joint. Unfortunately, I haven't found a way around that with the current design.
I was very happy to give as a gift. Very nice quality.
I am very pleased with the two Pegs and Jokers games I received. The quality is excellent. I also commend Mr. Strenz for his outstanding customer service. I will definately recommend him to others.
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