6 Player Hardwood Pegs and Jokers Board Game

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With Pegs & Jokers, Players draw cards and race their pegs around the track. The first player to get their five pegs home wins the game. You can also play with teams. Pegs and Jokers is particularly popular with RVers. It is portable and stores neatly in a box.

Pegs and Jokers is also known as Jokers and Pegs and the Social Security Game. It is similar to Parcheesi and Sorry, which were derived from the ancient Indian game of Pachisi.

For ages 7 and up. 2 to 6 players.

Card Movement
Ace Either bring one peg out of start to come-out or move one peg forward 1 hole
2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Move one peg forward 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 holes
7 Either move one peg forward 7 holes, or split 7 between two pegs
8 Move one peg backward 8 holes
9 Either move one peg forward 9 holes or split 9 moves between two pegs - one moving forward and the other backward
10 Move one peg forward 10 holes
Jack Queen King Either bring one peg out of start or move one peg forward 10 holes
Joker Bring one peg out of start and place it in any hole on the track

Full instructions are included in the box.

Our hardwood game paddles are 12" long and 3/4" thick, are made from three different hardwoods and are sealed and finished with urethane to last for generations!

Includes everything needed to play the game.

Included With Your Pegs and Jokers Game

♦ 36 wooden pegs of six vivid colors.
♦ 3 decks of playing cards.
♦ Printed playing instructions.
♦ A velvet draw string bag to store the pegs.
♦ Six 12" solid hardwood game paddles made of 3 different hardwoods.
♦ Your game arrives in a reusable white cardboard box that can be used to store the game.

Hardwood Game Paddles

Each hardwood game paddle is 12 inches long, 3/4" thick, and is hand finished with a durable urethane varnish. Most of the woods used are harvested here in Upstate New York from replenished forests.

The 6 game paddles are made from three different hardwoods. 2 Cherry paddles, 2 Sapele (mahogany) paddles, and 2 Oak paddles. Or, check the Dark Wood option to get Sapele (mahogany) paddles only.

The paddles loosely interlock with round mortise and tenon joints (see the photos). You can connect the paddles to make a 4 or 6 player game. If you are looking for our 8 player game, click here.


You get 6 pegs for each game paddle: A total of 36 painted wooden pegs of six different colors. Possible colors are Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, White, Cool Gray, Pink and Red.

Although only 30 pegs are needed to play a 6-player game (5 pegs per player), our unique design adds a stationary peg to each paddle. This allows each player to choose both a hardwood paddle and a peg color. Players can easily see each color's home position even when all of a player's pegs are in play.


The individual game paddles connect with round mortise and tenon joints which allows a variety of layout possibilities to fit your table. The photos below show some of the layouts and their total size.
* A 4 player game consumes 12 inches square.
* A 6 player game consumes 20 inches square.

Pegs and Jokers Paddle Size

Pegs and Jokers Game Size

Note that the photos shown on this page are of one of our Pegs and Jokers board games and are not necessarily photos of the exact item you will receive.

The quality of the game received was above what I expected.
The workmanship is great, I bought this for my dad for Christmas he was super happy with the product compared to the current board of his buddies. Drawback, missing one white peg.
Excellent workmanship. I did label the start hole and the extra hole for easier identification, but overall am very pleased with the product. I would certainly recommend the game board to others.
the board is very well made and very nice the way it folds up. The only problem I have is the extra hole that is in the area where you go home. You have 6 peg holes and there are only 5 pegs, also the dark blue and black are so close in color it is hard to tell them apart, it would be good to use another color with either the blue or black such as red. We had to dot the top of the black to tell them apart with some paint.
Not only was the customer service excellent, but the product was exactly as advertised and arrived in a timely manner. We were able to play right away and have enjoyed hours of family fun with this game.
The wood in the game is beautiful and the workmanship is great. The only problem I have with the game board is that the two end pegs in each rack do not go down into the holes like the rest of the board. I understand that they probably can't due to the wood not being as deep there. Maybe the design of the ends could be altered a little to allow that to happen.
I actually bought an 8 board game for myself and a 6 board game which I gave as a gift. I replaced the pegs with golf tees topped with different color balls and actually drilled tiny indentations every 5 holes and dabbed with white paint.
The first boards our friends purchased came in this manner. They were purchased on line also from someone not making them anymore. Actually they were all the same colored wood and actually do look a little better. However, your boards are just fine.
The workmanship is very nice.

However, I have difficulty lining the pegs up with my eyes where the START Section and HOME section holes become too close.

Another issue is the fact that possible the pegs do not seat completely where the sections overlap.
I was VERY IMPRESSED with the workmanship of the Pegs & Jokers board! Excellent!
We were very please with the quality, quick shipment and excellent service. We will enjoy this game for many years with family and friends.
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